Cosy up this winter with Le Pommier’s Wineland comfort food

Comfort food”… see, already you’re smiling inside!

Our Winelands comfort food will certainly warm you up on a winter’s day or night. Combine with a good bottle of Le Pommier wine, friends and family next to our fireplaces, and you have the perfect winter outing.

If you dined at Le Pommier before and enjoyed our much-loved regular menu items ranging from a slow-cooked lamb shank, wood-fired oven pizza, oxtail potjie and delightful malva pudding, you are bound to love our new winter additions. We expanded our winter comfort dishes to see you right through the Stellenbosch (hopefully very wet) winter this year.

Adding various nourishing soups for starters served with our famous homebaked bread. Our warming recipes range from a homestyle chicken and noodle, rich country vegetable, creamy tomato and basil to the essential bean soup.

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Comforting main meals.

You have a combination of comforting dishes. Varying from a spicy prawn curry which is hot, yet creamy and full of flavour. A slow cooked red wine beef stew with potato gratin. We make this meltingly tender meat and flavoursome sauce dish with our own Le Pommier wine. Pizza oven baked peri peri chicken is a moist, juicy beautifully browned chicken leg quarter served with your choice of a side dish.

When you’re craving comfort food, tender meatballs drowned in sauce and cheese will do the trick. 

Photo credit: https://www.bibbyskitchenat36.com

The baked spaghetti and meatballs topped with parmesan cheese are ridiculously dreamy!


To end it all give yourself a well-deserved treat with these comfort food desserts. The delightfully old fashioned bread and butter pudding is made with Le Pommier’s famous bread but served with a twist, salted caramel sauce. Then the dessert that everyone loves is a real South African favourite, the roly-poly or Malva Pudding served with warm custard…oh my!

Baked Roly Poly
Malva Pudding

Finally, hot fudge chocolate cake, gooey chocolate deliciousness served with ice cream.

Treat yourself, friends and family, to delicious, feel-good-food, complemented by excellent quality wines, next to a cosy fireplace in our relaxed atmosphere today! 


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