Things that can get expensive that wedding guests don’t really worry or care about

Every girl dream about their wedding day. And before you know it, you meet the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. He popped the question and she said YES. Both of you are so excited to start planning. The budget keeps growing and you don’t know where to cut. Wanting everything to be perfect and also impressing your guests with a great wedding.

In this blog we share a few tips on how you can keep within your budget and rather save the money for the honeymoon, or your home.


  1. Invitations

The Bride and Groom are so excited to invite the guests that they want at their wedding, that they spend so much money on the invitations, because they think, first impressions matter. Your guests will probably look at the invite and see if they can attend it or not. The invitation is forgotten about or thrown away. Rather send an invite by email, or a lot of apps are available to even design your own professional looking invite. If you want to give it in person, look at less expensive materials.

  1. Wedding Schedule

Guests are not really interested in knowing where the couple is going to take all their beautiful photos. The guests just want to know where they are seated and when will the main meal arrive. So don’t waste paper by printing a schedule for every guest. Let the master of ceremony just talk through it in his speech.

  1. Guest book and Photo Booth

Most people don’t write in the guest book, or they don’t know what to say at the moment and will think about it and come back later. That “later” never happens. A guest book with ink fingerprints can get really messy and then everything is black, even your expensive white tablecloths. Or your guests think they are funny and write stuff in there that you don’t want in your wedding guest book forever. A photo booth is really not necessary, spending a lot of money on photo props and nobody make use of it. Maybe only you think that it will make funky photos and believe us, most people don’t like taking photos. 

The trend and very inexpensive is to use a “hashtag” so that the couple have a folder that all the photos fall under. No mess and no money wasted.

  1. Flowers

Don’t get us wrong, flowers are very important at your wedding. Just make sure you use what is in season and local.

  1. Tablecloths

Not many people use tablecloths at a wedding anymore. And if you think about it, if your tables look good and pretty without it, why spend money on tablecloths if you can go without them. Just imagine somebody falling over a long tablecloth and there goes the whole table décor…uhm, no thanks!

  1. First Dance

The first dance at your wedding is a very special moment, but couples sometimes overthink this and spend a lot of unnecessary money on it. Yes, you want to impress your guests with your fancy moves but paying for dance classes, is it worth it? Why not save money and come up with your own dance moves. Something that works for you both and practice makes perfect!

  1. Wedding Cake

The first thing that pops into your head when you see the word wedding cake is big and beautiful! Nowadays there are a lot of different ways to do your wedding cake. A smaller cake with cupcakes or a cake with donuts, you can decide. A small cake is actually a better and safer choice. Imagine somebody pushes on the cake table and then the expensive 4-tier cake lands on the floor. Off course not many people eat cake, leaving you with cake for a year. Play this one safe!


Something to go think about. We hope that our pointers helped!

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