How much do you really know about wine?

Interesting facts about wine, did you know?

  1. The dinner host, in Ancient Greece, would always be the first to sip the wine to assure guests that it was not poisoned.
  2. Wine makes women intoxicated easier and faster because women have less of an alcohol dehydrogenase, a compound that breaks down alcohol and is needed to metabolise alcohol efficiently.
  3. People who have a severe hate or fear of wine suffer from a phobia called oenophobia.
  4. The oldest bottle of wine in the world was found near Speyer in Germany in 325 AD.
  5. In the olden days, ancient Romans used to season their wine with fermented fish sauce, garlic, lead, and absinthe.
  6. You can produce about 60 cases of wine from a ton of grapes.
  7. To avoid overheating your wine, one should always hold the wine glass by the stem.
  8. It can take up to four to five years to harvest newly-planted vines.
  9. The largest wine-producing regions in the world are France, Italy, Spain and California.
  10. A bottle of wine consists of about 1.27kg of grapes.

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