Le Pommier Angle Peur Cabernet Franc 2019

Le Pommier introduces new Angle Peur Cabernet Franc

Every once a while, a winery must make some changes for them to keep up with the newest trends and to keep customers coming back to purchase your product.

Everybody says the first impression is lasting, and with wine labels, it is the same. When you buy the wine, you firstly see the label, and that plays a significant role in purchasing wine. If you don’t like the label, you probably won’t buy the wine, but if you love it, it will be already in your shopping bag. Lastly, the back label on the wine bottle is the breaking point. Everybody loves a good old story, and the back label will convince you whether to buy the wine or not.

So Le Pommier decided that it’s time for a change and we are so excited to share with you our new Angle Peur Cabernet Franc!

This Cabernet Franc is spicy with beautiful aromas of raspberries, plums, and blackcurrant. Delicate and perfumed with ample juice on the mid-palate and great length.

Le Pommier’s Cabernet Franc vines were planted in 2003, and we also use the Cabernet Franc in our Le Pommier Rosé and Mac Cabernet Franc / Malbec blend. 

Cabernet Franc

But why changed the name Le Pommier Cabernet Franc to Le Pommier Angle Peur Cabernet Franc?

The name “Angle Peur” pays homage to the history of the Banghoek area and the influence of the French Huguenots who arrived in 1688. Banghoek or “the scary corner” was also known as “De Bange Hoek”. The old pass that ran through this area was dangerously steep, with gangs, escaped slaves, lions, leopards, and other animals roaming wild. In 1972 the old pass was replaced by the new scenic road making it no more the treacherous and frightening route of those early days. Today you can still drive the oldest historical pass in South Africa, dating back to 1692.

You are only a few clicks away from enjoying this wine with us. You can order your Angle Peur Cabernet Franc on our new website’s online wine shop. Or you can email your wine order to wine@lepommier.co.za

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