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6 Tips for a Cheaper Wedding

Bigger is not always better. Most little girls dream of a big white wedding with their white princess dress, a big reception and, of course, her loving husband looking adoringly at her whilst walking down the aisle. Well… nowadays weddings can become very expensive, so why not rather keep it simple and small. Here are a few tips for a cheaper wedding.


  • Have an early wedding

Consider having your wedding in the morning, this will eliminate a big dinner reception and cut on costs. Having a morning ceremony gives you plenty of options. Why not have a fun and creative breakfast buffet or perhaps a cereal bar or waffle station. Breakfast is always a winner — who does not like bacon or waffles? Cocktails will also work best for a morning wedding so why not create a signature cocktail for your big day. A big bonus for a morning wedding — no hangover the next day — and promises a relaxed day with your newlywed.


  • Small guest list

Times have changed, and you are not obliged to invite the uncle you haven’t seen in 10 years just to please your granny. That’s a thing of the past. For a cheaper wedding keep the guest list short and invite the people you really care about. This is your special day and it’s for you to decide whom you want to share it with. And now you can afford that perfect photographer to capture your perfect day shot by shot.


  • Be your own DJ

With technology, you can do anything even be your own DJ. Hiring a DJ can add to your expenses and somehow they never play the songs you request. The best option is to plug in your phone and let the dancing begin. It is  a great way to get the guests to interact, allow them to play their own songs from their phones but don’t let one guy hog the player. An even better idea is to let guests decide on a max of 5 songs that they would like to hear on you wedding day. Download the perfect app to feature as your DJ. Fun Wedding is great on Android and makes sure to check out WeddingDJ on Apple devices.


  • DIY

DIY might be time-consuming but can help you cut costs. Pinterest will be your best friend for DIY wedding ideas. Not familiar with Pinterest? Now is the perfect time to open an account and start creating your boards! (See Le Pommier’s Wedding Inspiration Board for some inspiration) Make your own photo booth — easy and cheap — and create your own thank you gifts and wedding invitations.


  • Flowers

Why not do something different for table decorations. Paper flowers are the ultimate show stopper if done right, and can be very cost effective. You can also create you own paper flowers as centerpieces. Click here to see how to make DIY Storybook Paper Rose.

  • Let your guests share photos of the day

Let your guests be part of the photography crew on your big day, taking photos and posting it to Instagram with a hashtag. For example #Steve&SaraWedding — making it easy for you to track the photos afterwards. With social media and cellphones you never miss a moment, ask the photographer to take photos for a limited timespan that suits your budget. Do remember to inform your guests to not use flash photography during the service, especially while your photographer is taking photos. 


Contact Le Pommier Wine Estate for affordable wedding options. Le Pommier is the perfect wedding venue for intimate weddings and will cater for all your needs. For more information please contact us on 021 885 1269 or gm@lepommier.co.za

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