Top tips for a Girl’s Getaway in the Winelands

A girl’s getaway in the Cape winelands is like an extended sleepover with your besties enjoying the very best that the winelands have to offer. Travelling with your girlfriends can add so much richness and depth to your relationships while you experience fun and exciting things together.

Here are a few tips on making sure you have a great time…

Make a to-do list.

When planning your girls’ getaway in the winelands create a list of the things you want to see and do together. Wine Tours, Wine Tastings, where you want to stay, museums you want to visit and wine estates to see. However try not to create such a long list that you end up rushing from one destination to the other and miss out on the quality time with your girls.

Consider transport options.

Also consider things like hiring a car if you’re not driving down, booking plane tickets and scout the calendar to see if there are any big events happening in the winelands during the time you will be there and secure tickets if need be.

Make reservations at dining spots.

Be sure to reserve and book into places that require you to make reservations. Prioritise restaurants and eateries you want to try out. The Cape winelands is filled with popular restaurants dishing up delicious menus. Don’t worry so much about calories on your Cape wineland trip with the girls, indulge!

Create a budget.

Create a budget from the onset and discuss with your girls how much you’re willing to spend on your getaway. Talk about this from the onset to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

Choose a Winelands accommodation package.


Remember to be in holiday mode, wrap up all of your life and work commitments as much as you can before you leave so that you have all your focus on your breakaway. Then relax and enjoy your time away with the girls in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, the Cape winelands!

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