Le Pommier's slow braised Oxtail

Our famous and well-loved Oxtail Recipe.

A delicious, authentic and easy dish to make. This tender braised oxtail meat is designed to be cooked slowly and then leisurely enjoyed with friends, complemented by a good bottle of Le Pommier MAC Cabernet Franc/Malbec blend.


2kg           Oxtail

250g         Onions

250g          Carrots

80g         Celery

250g         Tomato Paste

3ml         Salt

3ml         Black Pepper

500ml      Red Wine

1 tin Butter Beans (A10 – 3kg)


Put oxtail in the oven to slow cook.

Fry onions.

Add onions and oxtail together, and add tomato paste and celery. Add red wine and put enough water in to cover the meat.

Cook until it’s soft and then add carrots, butterbeans and salt and pepper.

Cook until soft.

Serve with mash or rice.

According to USA-Soulfood, “This style of cooking originated during the time of slavery, when African slaves were given only leftovers and the parts of animals that the plantation owners didn’t eat, such as pig’s feet and ears, ham hocks, hog jowls, skin and intestines.”

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