Le Pommier Date Night ideas

Date Night Ideas

“Date night” noun

“A prearranged occasion on which an established couple, especially one with children, go for a night out together – date night. Every married couple needs a break from their daily routine from time to time to keep the flame going in their relationship.”

1. Wine Tasting

Remember the times when you were still learning to get to know each other. Your likes and dislikes, and what makes you excited. Wine tasting is a great way to learn what people enjoy, and which wine they appreciate but also what our preferences are. Wine tasting is very personal; each person has their frame of reference in what they smell or taste; the most crucial part is to savour the experience. Wine tasting/ Wine pairing at Le Pommier Wine Estate can be a fantastic date night experience for couples. Why not stay longer and turn it in an early dinner.

2. Cook together

When was the last time you and your partner shared the kitchen & enjoyed creating something together? Well, most of the time you’re just in each other’s way, but it is worth it to try again, even if you are a bit rusty! Try a great and easy summer-inspired dish, like Basil Balsamic Chicken. Definitely to be enjoyed with a bottle of Le Pommier Sauvignon Blanc, and you will not regret this adventure! 

3. Couples Getaway

Spoil the love in your life with a 2-night’s stay at the beautiful Le Pommier Wine Estate. A romantic getaway should be on top of every couple’s bucket list. Explore Le Pommier Wine Estate and what the beautiful Banhoek Valley has on offer, definitely more than a date night. The perfect local getaway in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands.

4. Picnic under the stars

Pack all your favourite treats in a picnic basket and of course a bottle of your favourite Le Pommier wine. We do suggest the Rosé, perfect for a warm and balmy summer’s evening and enjoy a date night evening under the stars. Pinterest will be your best friend here! So many great ideas what you can do with a picnic in your back garden. Grab the blankets and candles and get started! 

5. Dinner Date

Le Pommier Restaurant is a cozy dining establishment specializing in traditional Cape cuisine. The a la carte menu has something for everyone with delicious dishes at affordable prices. For something a bit more special why not take in the rustic ambience over dinner in one of the restaurant’s intimate nooks?

6. Sunset Walk

What’s more romantic than a sunset stroll and enjoy an ice-cream afterwards. The perfect no-frills date night.

7. Trio’s best for sharing

Trio’s are the perfect menu items if you are not sure what you would like to order. You get a little taste of everything, and it’s great for sharing with your partner. Le Pommier has a few delightful Trio’s on offer, enjoy on your next date night out.

8. Games Evening

If you want to go down memory lane, then you should play this game. In couples therapy, it is often asked how couples met for the first time to remind them when and why they fell in love. Remembering the good times can not only remind you of why you made your person your person but also “build connection and increase fondness for one another.”

To play One Word One Answer, start with a word, any word. The other partner replies with another word that helps build on the sentence. The goal? Use the words and answers to tell your love story. No, that is a romantic date night!

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