10 Cape Wineland Wine pairing trends we love!

Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures.

M. F. K. Fisher

Wine and cheese may be ageless pairing companions but the Cape Winelands have some far more creative pairing options for wine and food. Here is a selection of Cape Wineland Wine pairing trends that we love:

1. Cupcakes

Forget cheese and chocolate…Delheim now whips up a decadent Cupcake & Wine Pairing.

The honeybush cupcake incorporates fine grade honeybush tea leaves and a plain cream icing, and is paired with the Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie.

A buchu cupcake was developed using a highly concentrated tincture by Durban-based herbal laboratory Phyto-Force. The icing is cream cheese and lemon-based, which adds a zing that fits perfectly when served with the Delheim Gewurztraminer.

The fynbos honey cupcake was created using locally-produced Cape coast honey and icing that is cream cheese with honey-based. It is paired with Delheim Merlot and highlights the wine’s red fruit flavours.

The rooibos cupcake features extracted rooibos espresso as an ingredient and is topped with icing of cream cheese and cinnamon. The creation is paired with Delheim Pinotage.

2. Ice Cream

Try this red wine ice cream recipe. Be ready for the intense wine flavour. It’ll surprise you – but in a good way!


Somerbosch wines have introduced a new wine tasting experience featuring 3 red wines with homemade red wine ice cream.

3. Nougat

Bubbly and nougat!

JC Le Roux pair a set selection of 5 Sparkling Wines with Nougat.

4. Chocolate

Wine and chocolate is a popular pairing choice in the winelands. You can have a Wine & Chocolate experience at Blaauwklippen, Hidden Valley, Lanzerac, Lourensford, Saxenburg, Spier, Waterford Wine Estate and Zevenwacht.

5. Fudge

Fudge & Wine: a sweet sensation.

Plaisir de Merle in Franschhoek offer a Sweet Sensation tasting pairing wines with orange fudge, rum and vanilla fudge, chilli and lime fudge, and cherry fudge.

6. Nuts

Nuts are naturally fatty: acid goes with fat.

Nuts and wine can also be paired with very satisfying result. Lagniappe has an excellent guide on how to pair pecans, without appearing nuts.

7. Olives

Boasting bold, bright flavors with an irresistible Mediterranean flair, olives were made for pairing.

According to Giant Eagle, the secret to matching wines, cheeses and olives is to select wines which bring out the best in the cheese, then add olives that complement the wine. Hillcrest Estate produce excellent wines and olives and they offer tastings of both.

8. Pate

Alto wines offer tastings of their wines paired with home-made patés.

9. Pizza

Combination of 4 pizzas complimented by four Brenaissance wines, Knight of White Chardonnay 2010, Queen of Hearts Merlot, the Full House Bordeaux blend and Jack of Diamonds Shiraz.

10. Traditional SA Food

Sticking with traditional South African flavours, Le Pommier Wine Estate offers wine pairing of Le Pommier wines with traditional South African cuisine. Le Pommier Restaurant offers the best in country cuisine filled with flavour.  

Le Pommier wine pairing

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