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Tips on the perfect ice breakers for your next conference.

Breaking the ice could sometimes be quite a hefty task, especially at a conference or a function where the delegates don’t know each other. Yes, you get a few ice-breaking professionals who just say something witty, and there you go. But what about those who are not comedians by nature, perhaps someone who needs to think the joke through before telling it to ensure they don’t start with the punch line. Well, Le Pommier Wine Estate has researched some ice-breaking tips you could use when conferencing at the lodge:

  • Have your delegates say “hi” to everyone, each in a different way. This becomes more challenging with more delegates or nationalities at the conference, as people start to Google foreign languages, slang and gestures to say “hello”.
  • When delegates are given name tags at the beginning of the conference or event, give each delegate another person’s name tag. During the meeting, they need to find the person who matches the name on the tag.
  • Introduce delegates to the group through silent introductions. Hand each person a piece of paper on which they may only draw things that explain their characteristics and hobbies. Have them switch the piece of paper and let the partners introduce each other to the group by following the drawings. Very similar to Pictionary’s game and could be pretty hilarious.
  • Have delegates write things about themselves that the other delegates don’t know on a piece of paper. Have each person draw a piece of paper and read it aloud. Now let the other delegates guess who wrote it. Throw all these papers, folded, into a hat.
  • When the people attending the conference are to introduce themselves to the group, have them start their sentence with the words: “My name is not …”. This will give them a chance to share a little more about themselves in terms of who they wish they were, want to meet or even who they are glad not to be. Have them end their sentence with: “My name is…”.
  • Have delegates pair up. After they have looked at one another, have them change three things about their appearance and let their partners identify the things that were changed.

With these ice-breakers, you would not need to research funny stories and practice getting the punch line right – the delegates will create the comedy for you.

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