Summer fun with the kids this holiday

Summer is here so the kids are home for the December holidays. You have to have a list of entertaining activities lined up for the little ones to keep the busy for the summer holiday.

Summer is the one season when playing with water is allowed. Allow the kids to swim as often as they like. Take them to your local water parks or a nearby lake or river – most riverside locations have excellent water packages for families. You can also do a beach trip and let them experience splashing in the ocean.

Dining outdoors is also perfect for summer nights. Make sure to have a picnic with the kids and enjoy being outside and eating delicious treats. A braai with the family is also a fun summer activity, a perfect South African past-time to enjoy; you can invite friends and extended family to join you.

Take them exploring and experience what your local leisure places offer…you can check out a nearby zoo (petting zoos are a hit with the kiddos). Visit a museum or a craft shop that offers workshops like baking, painting and lots more.

There’s a whole list of activities you can enjoy with the kids during the summer:

  1. Go camping
  2. Have a movie night / day
  3. Visit an amusement park
  4. Host a game’s night
  5. Go out for ice cream
  6. Do a family walk or bike ride
  7. Read together
  8. Try bowling
  9. Have a backyard scavenger hunt
  10. Bake something – cake, cookies or cupcakes.

Whatever you do together, do it as a family and remember to capture all these summer holiday memories.

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