Family friendly activities Cape Town

Kids join in the fun at Le Pommier for family Easter.

What better way to enjoy your family Easter weekend than by relaxing with your loved ones among the picturesque mountain & vineyard landscape in Stellenbosch? 

Le Pommier offers families kids stay free weekend this Easter. Book now 021-8851269

For all families dining at Le Pommier on Easter Sunday and Monday, a free Easter egg hunt is included for the kids.

The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter Eggs. The Easter Bunny originally decided if the kids were good or disobedient and deserved easter eggs or not.

At Le Pommier we have many squirrel families on the farm, therefore our Le Pommier Squirrel will be bringing the Easter Eggs and join in the fun & hunt.

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