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“We are all in this together.” You see this slogan everywhere in the media. And if you come to think about it, we are all in this. Don’t believe that if you are trying to stay healthy, clean and safe, that other people have the same mindset. So please wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and if you feel under the weather – stay at home!

Not everyone realises how much South Africa’s economy depends on tourists. With the lockdown and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, it became quite apparent how much various industries were dependent on local and international tourism. 

Everyone is staying at home these days and making homemade meals with the family. Very few people have ventured out to restaurants resulting in an enormous amount of small businesses closing down. From the well-known wineries, celebrity chef eateries to your family-owned restaurant, have all been severely affected. Many of these businesses that still exist had a tough task to let a number of their employees go. 

Now that the tourists local and international alike are not able to spend time exploring the beautiful Winelands, sipping on award-winning wines and dining in the restaurants. As South Africans, we should try and support them where possible. 

Tips on how you can still support your favourite restaurant during the Covid-19 lockdown

If you’re at home, take a few moments to write a positive review of your favourite restaurants you have visited in the past.

Had the best pizza of your life? Or a pasta that you crave all the time? Tell the world about it! Helping restaurants attract new business after the crisis has passed or help other people to see new places to try out.

Go out during the week or at less popular times if you still feel uneasy going out.

Choose a time that you think will be quiet, however by the feedback from many establishments, this is most of the time, and then go and enjoy a meal at your usual restaurant.

Eat your favourite meal at home.

Many restaurants have opted to venture into the takeaway business as another way to survive, so why not order in or call in your order and pick it up later.

Tip generously for your takeaways and deliveries.

Most restaurants make use of their staff to assist in deliveries; they will more than appreciate this gesture.

Like, comment and share their social posts.

It’s only a few clicks. If you’re unable to go to a restaurant, you can still let them know that you care. They’re in a tough situation and need their community support, so share their posts and publish positive comments of encouragement.

We are all trying, but we can’t do it without a little help from our customers & friends! So, yes, we are all in this together!

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