A simple Cheese and Wine evening for Summer

A cheese and wine evening is a must-do this summer, it’s the perfect complement to the warm weather. Host a cheese and wine party and delight your guest with a night of great cheeses paired with the best wine. We’ll take you through the steps of which cheese are best paired with which wine.

Keep it simple so that you don’t stress about what’s needed for the evening. Just have some good quality cheeses and great wine and you’ll be set for the night. Take into account the different textures, colour and taste of cheeses available out there.

Cheese 101

You can allow for about 250 g total of cheese per person. Do not remove the rinds on the cheese, otherwise they’ll dry out. Place the cheeses carefully without letting them mix so that each one retains its taste. Also provide a different knife to cut the different cheeses with. Remember to label your cheeses for easy identification.

Wine 101

When selecting your cheeses keep in mind your wine pairing. Remember to serve your wine at the right temperature, red wine at room temperature and white wine chilled. Le Pommier’s wine range is easy on the palette and very pleasant to drink, the perfect complement to your cheeses.

Cheese and Wine Pairing Guide

Brie with Chardonnay

Gouda with Merlot

Mozzarella with Sauvignon Blanc

Blue Cheese with Riesling

Sharp White Cheddar with Cabernet Sauvignon

Ricotta with Pinot Grigio

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