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5 Tips for planning a memorable wedding day

Your wedding day is going to be a day you remember for the rest of your life. From the butterfly feeling the moment you wake up to get ready for your vows, dinner, dancing and everything in between. It’s sure to be a day you’ll never forget. Beyond the memories you’ll have, you’ll want to ensure you’re making it memorable for those who are there to celebrate with you! Make sure that you spend enough time planning your perfect day and work with a budget. 

FIVE tips for planning a wedding reception your family and friends will remember for years to come:

1. Choose the Perfect Venue

The venue you select for your day will serve as a backdrop and significant talking point for the guests at your wedding. From the interior to the wedding décor, your guests will notice. As soon as you know the size of your guest list, select a venue that will be suited to handle your wedding party. Keep in mind the size and location of the venue, as well as the capacity to host both your ceremony and reception. Keep in mind the establishment’s proximity to guest houses if they do not offer accommodation as well.

2. Music will be the life of the party

After an enjoyable meal, the music becomes the focus! Whether you select a Swing Band or DJ they will set the tone for the rest of the night. It’s essential to communicate your timeline and inform them of any activities you have planned. You can also give them a few songs to get a feeling of what you like. Make sure you also keep your audience in mind when selecting songs, play a bit of both old and new music so that everybody can join in the fun.

3. Serve a unique and exciting Menu

A wedding menu can be a big deal! The most important topic on everybody’s lips after a wedding is firstly the food. “It was great, or oh, it was not”. When working with your caterer to create a menu for your big day, make the menu suited to you and your partner! It’s your big day and if you want doughnuts for dessert, then do it! Few things to remember – a buffet is always more affordable than a plated menu. With a buffet, people can choose what they want to eat, and you don’t have to worry about dietary restrictions.

4. The person behind the photos

The person that captures the whole day is critical! Research before just taking the first person that comes to mind. Every photographer has a different way of taking photos, so make sure the person fits in with your style. Most wedding photographers either have a blog, website, or Instagram page, so do the research. Remember that they are only human and need a break and an excellent meal to capture meaningful memories.

5. Feature Fun Takeaways and Activities

There’s nothing worse than bored guests at a wedding. Keep your guests entertained with Giant Jenga, Photobooths or a fun guestbook; you can have your guests sign a puzzle piece or offer advice in a book. Polaroid and disposable cameras are also fun additions to your wedding. Make your wedding memorable for yourself and your guests—moments to remember.

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