Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day

14th of February is Valentine’s Day. It is the day love is celebrated all around the world. How will you say happy Valentine’s Day to your love this year?

We got a few ideas on how to spoil your partner this year:

1. Breakfast in bed. Start the morning right with a delicious breakfast in bed tray, a beautiful flower in a vase and all of their favourite breakfast treats to say “you mean the world to me”.

2. Spa Day. Treat your special person to a spa day at your home? Dim the lights, pop the bubbly, get the sweet treats ready, light the candles and get the bubble bath going. 

3. Let them sleep! We think a great sleep is the best gift of all. So, if that’s what they crave, make it happen. Get the house organized early in the evening, so they’ve got nothing to do but crawl into bed early so that they don’t have to worry about a thing when they wake up. 

4. Dinner by candlelight. Nothing can be more romantic than your homemade dinner. Make the table look stunning with gorgeous flowers, beautiful candles, your best crockery, and lovely napkins. Don’t forget the bubbly on ice!

5. You can never be wrong with a few Pinterest ideas! Have a look here for some inspiration!  

6. Be conservatively romantic. Flowers and chocolates have always been the perfect Valentines Day gift. Say “I love you” with a huge bouquet of their favourite flowers accompanied by an indulgent treat. A handwritten message will be ideal. 

7. Romantic dinner. Spoil your partner to a lovely evening at their best restaurant. Don’t forget to book your table at Le Pommier today!

8. A massage is always welcome. Treat your partner to a lovely neck or feet massage after a long day at the office, use their favourite body lotion, and away you go!

9. Sunset picnic. A picnic on Valentine’s Day is always a good idea, may that be at our favourite spot, in the park, by the beach or just in your backyard, make it unique. Make or buy (if you don’t have time) all their favourite savoury and sweet treats! Don’t forget the wine!

10. Romantic Getaway. Book a romantic getaway at a stunning place you and your partner are dying to visit but never get the time to go. Now is the perfect time to do that! Book your overnight Valentine’s Day special at Le Pommier; email us info@lepommier.co.za #lovelepommier

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